PokÄ“ – Pronounced “Poke-Eh”, is our delicious Hawaiian appetizer which is a raw seafood chopped salad made a variety of ways. For centuries, these delicious treasures have been a staple in the Hawaiian Islands. It is both a healthy snack and a comfort food.
We use sushi grade fish (salmon, tuna or octopus) and dress it up in different styles.

Shoyu Poke

Shoyu Poke – tossed in Shoyu sauce (soy sauce, green onions, sesame oil)

Spicy Salmon Poke

Spicy Salmon Poke – tossed in Hawaiian sea salt, soy sauce, spicy mayo, onions, sesame oil

Kimchi Octopus Poke

Kimchi Octopus (tako) Poke – Kimchi infused octopus

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